6 Best Ways to Rank #1 With The Help Of Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO

Youtube is a platform where people from all over the world post videos and snippets on whatever topic they like Youtube Seo.

Youtube is ever-growing, with new people joining the platform every single day and posting videos to their liking.

In this growing world of Digital Marketing, every possible platform has a way to make its own dent in the digital space. 

The word Search Engine Optimisation goes around a lot in the world of Digital Marketing. For every possible field, SEO is available for all of it.

Yes, you got it right. There is an availability of SEO for Youtube Channel.

Search engines like YouTube and Google use equivalent fundamentals for website and video ranking algorithms. The main target is to provide the user with the absolute best experience possible. YouTube search results have now been combined with Google search results to simplify the search.

You can combine your video and SEO strategy to assist supercharge your marketing in a pretty straightforward and straightforward way for the Youtube channel SEO. Doing this may improve your video watch time, get your customers’ attention, and help you further down the road with YouTube remarketing.

Here are eight steps to enhance your YouTube SEO to drive more traffic and video views.

1. Video Title With Keywords

Understanding the search motive of your audience is the initiative. We all know that the primary common search intent consists of informational, commercial, navigational, and transactional. So, adding what your video is about with your customer’s purpose goes to be essential for getting your video visible in search results. Secondly, make sure you understand WHY you would like to make a YouTube video and who the first audience is. It sounds really simple, but numerous YouTube channels miss this step, and their videos show up low on Google and YouTube search results.

YouTube SEO
Image Credit: https://backlinko.com/

2. Include the keyword in your video file

Super simple, but YouTube may use this together with the ranking factors when it involves showing your video in search results. If the file name you’re uploading has the target keyword, your video will have a better chance of being ranked and gaining more search volume. When uploading a replacement video, you’ll see the filename. YouTube uses this to ensure the video has relevance, ensuring your file name is updated before uploading it.

YouTube SEO
Image Credit: https://www.tme.net/

3. Pick your keywords wisely

SERPs are becoming more competitive monthly. New competitors, products, and services fight for the highest spots. So, finding ways to diversify your channel and your content is crucial. Do your keyword research, and unless you’ll compete with really competitive terms, pick keywords that will get you volume but are less competitive.

4. Use Video Hashtags 

Across social media, hashtags are now wont to help users find content that answers their questions across various platforms. You’ll use related hashtags in video descriptions to assist viewers in finding your video once they look for a selected hashtag.

Tags specifically help drive search as they create vital trends that are more visible. Once you add a hashtag to the description, it is shown above the title and then hyperlinked.

YouTube SEO
Image Credit: https://sproutsocial.com/

5. Custom Thumbnail

Thumbnails can help or ruin your YouTube videos. They’re the primary thing that grabs people’s attention once they check out YouTube search results. A robust thumbnail can cause a better watch time, which may enormously influence YouTube ranking. Create something that attracts people’s attention and stands out from the gang in order that your video gets noticed. Creating a custom thumbnail is the best thanks to seeing results—showing people what your video is about and how it’ll benefit them is the real key to success.

YouTube SEO
Image Credit: https://www.pakainfo.com/

6. Subtitles And Captions

Using subtitles and closed captions for fulfillment on the YouTube search.

The design of the video subtitles is to speak video dialogue for viewers who can’t understand the video. Furthermore, for viewers who can’t access sound, closed captions come into play.

Both subtitles and closed-caption consist of the text in the video, sort of a transcript. The file has time codes for when each little bit of text should be displayed through the video to match with speech or another visual element. See what file formats YouTube support here.

YouTube SEO
Image Credit: https://sproutsocial.com/

The six tips mentioned above are the best SEO for Youtube. Furthermore, you can use these tips to kickstart your Youtube campaign and get the best out of it through the Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

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