Write Product Descriptions That Actually Sell: 10 Superlative Tips You Need To Follow

Product Descriptions

A product description is the marketing copy that explains what an item is and why it’s worth purchasing. The aim of a product description is to provide customers with important information about the features and benefits of the merchandise, so they get interested in buying the products.

However, entrepreneurs and marketers, even professional copywriters, all of them are vulnerable to a common mistake that comes up when writing product descriptions, that is, writing product descriptions that describe your products as a supplement to product photography.

Now, you would not want your business to get the image of a brand that has product descriptions and not the actual photos.
Product Descriptions
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Moreover, it is a bad public relations policy.

The customers have all the rights to know what they are being sold instead of just a description.

Attaching pictures with your product description is one of the most essential things to be done. It is considered as authentic to build a reputation of complete transparency with the customers.

Now, that does not mean that you, as the owner, forget to write an attractive product description for all your products. Moreover, most of the marketers focus so much on the aesthetic of their product that they forget to write what can be the edge to their customers.

Great product descriptions tend to market your product by selling your products to real people, not just acting as dispensers of information for search engines.

Now, in an e-commerce study, 20% of website visitors do not go forward with the purchase due to unclear or incomplete product information. This is often how they explained it.

As a result, you miss out on the various potential customers. 

So, today, we’ll mention the way to convince site visitors with attractive product descriptions. If you think that an easy piece of content describing the merchandise will work, you should definitely think again!

Now the question comes, How to write a product description?

In this article, we have listed for you ten ways through which you can write better product descriptions and attract a large number of potential customers. This, as a result, will help in getting more business to your brand or company.

Product Descriptions
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1. Understand The Buyer

When you make a product description with a huge amount of buyers in mind, your descriptions get all over the place, and you finish up addressing nobody you intended to target.

The best product descriptions address your audience personally and directly. You ask and answer questions as if you are having a conversation in person. You select the words your ideal buyer uses. 

This is where describing your audience becomes necessary as your content will impact their decision. Here are a number of the essential points that may assist you in analyzing your potential buyer. These are:

  • Why will they wish to purchase from you instead of your competitors?
  • Who is this product made for?
  • Who will benefit the foremost from your product?
  • Who needs your product the most?
  • Whose problems are you solving?
  • Who is this product for?

Consider how you’d speak to your ideal buyer if you were selling your product in the future, face-to-face. Moreover, attempt to incorporate that language into your e-commerce website so you will have an identical conversation online that relates more deeply to when it is in person.

2. Use Adequate Bullet Points

We reside in a world where everything works in a fast forward manner. So, if your visitors can’t get the knowledge quickly, they’re going to just shy away.

Everyone does not have the time to go through long descriptive descriptions. So, assist your audience so that they receive the needed information swiftly by including points in the form of bullets for your context. Your visitors will go through the bullet points and choose whether or not they need it or not during a matter of seconds. So, keep product descriptions to the point and straightforward.

Use bullets to list the features and technical aspects of the product for anyone who is in a hurry or simply just comparing the information. In short, it’s a complete guide that curtails the curiosity of their buyers and doesn’t leave any questions unanswered.

Just reading the primary line of each bullet point is enough to urge a simple idea about the product.

So, know who the consumers are and what they like before writing a product description that draws and converts them.

Product Descriptions
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3. Add Storytelling

While writing product descriptions, we need to engage the audience. A method you can use is storytelling. But, only accompany this if your audience enjoys it, and your brand tone complements the concept.

This website explains products that are available on another e-commerce website very simply. 

Including stories in your great product descriptions lowers rational barriers against persuasion techniques. In other words, you forget that you’re getting into buying something.

4. Use Search Engine Optimization

We are talking about the merchandise page and descriptions right along, but it shouldn’t mean that you’ll ignore the SEO part. After all, you would like to rank high on search engines so that visitors can land on your web pages.

Long-tail keywords are also more effective than short-tail keywords since they are less competitive, particularly since you’re a small firm. Some of the most popular keyword research tools are Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

5. Use Social proof

When web visitors are not too sure about which product to get, they appear for suggestions on what to shop for. They often shop for a product with the best amount of good reviews. But there are other ways to put social proof into your product descriptions.

Including a picture of an individual adds credibility to a quote; it also makes a web company a lot more personal and approachable, encouraging customers to call to urge answers to their queries.

Most buyers are interested in buying something popular. When it involves your e-commerce website, highlight the customer’s favorite products.

Product Descriptions
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6. Mention Benefits

The problem is that potential buyers aren’t as curious about many features and specs. They need to understand what’s in it for them—how it’ll address their most significant need. That’s why you should spotlight the advantages of every feature.

Look at the benefits of some of your characteristics. What makes your consumers happy, healthier, or even more efficient as a result of your product? Which issues, bugs, and annoyances do your goods assist to resolve?

Don’t merely offer a product. Deliver lasting memories.

7. Don’t Use Yeah, yeah Phrases

Whenever we’re at a loss of words while explaining and not aware concerning what else to include in our product description, we usually just say “great product quality.”

That’s a term that means “yes, yes.” When a potential customer of your products  looks at exceptional product quality, he analyzes , “Of course; everyone says that.” Have you ever come across someone who defines the quality of their product as average, not-so-good, or even bad?

You’ve convinced them when a potential consumer reviews the product information and says yes to themselves. The potential consumer reads your product description and says yes to themselves, you’ve persuaded them.

Product Descriptions
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8. Play With Imagination

According to a research project paper, if people hold a product, they need more merchandise.

You’re selling on the Internet, so your visitors can’t hold your products. Large, clear pictures or videos can help, but there’s also a copywriting trick to extend desire: let your reader imagine what it might feel like to own your product.

9. Use Superlatives

Superlatives sound unprofessional unless you clearly prove why your product is the best, the simplest, or the foremost advanced. If your product is basically the simplest, provide specific proof of why this is often the case. Otherwise, dial your product copy down or quote a customer who says your product is the most wonderful they’ve ever used. That is how product descriptions sell.

10. Make It Scannable

Is your web design encouraging web visitors to read your product descriptions?

Here are some areas to specialize in when designing yours:

  • Entice your web visitor with headlines;
  • Use easy-to-scan bullet points;
  • Include much white space;
  • Increase your font size to market readability;

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