The Surprisingly Simple Method for Boosting Blog Traffic by 80%

Blog Traffic

A blog is a type of content published on websites Blog Traffic that individuals maintain. By improving certain things, the traffic can increase to your blog. Increasing traffic means that the blog is reaching more people. More people are equal to more income. 

We have researched and found 9 points that will help prove how to increase the blog’s traffic. These points are trial and tested and have a high success rate. 

Those points are:-

  • Know the requirement
  • Use of SEO at its peak
  • Email listing for replies
  • Communication is the key to success
  • External links to improve the content
  • Building links for easy transfer of blog
  • Promoting on community
  • Use of graphics for more engagement
  • Refurnishing the previous blog

These are the points that increase blog traffics. We are going to discuss each in detail down below.

Know The Requirement

To increase blog traffics, write on the recently searched content. Writing on topics that customers search for helps to increase the shelf life of your blog/name. To rank yourself on google, writing on the burning topics can help you receive constant and passive organic search traffics.

Ahrefs blog is an SEO software that helps build links, keyword research, analysis, and rank tracking. This will be the best software that can increase blog traffic. 

Blog Traffic
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Use Of SEO At Its Peak

Creating content is also important to get ranked on google. For this need, SEO is very much important. SEO will help SERPs show your blog in the top search, increasing audience engagement significantly. 

Search intended content should also be provided for the best audience engagement. Three types google requires. Those are:-

  • Content-Type
  • Content format
  • Content angle

These are the three types concerning those you can work on those aspects and improve as a whole. 

Email Listing For Replies

Email listing helps to send the blog via email. This helps the customers to not search on google as it is previously available in your mailbox. For this to happen, it is required that the customer has subscribed to your blog to get updates quickly as compared to others. 

With the help of email, communicating with customers is far easier, whereas other social media platforms can restrict to some extent. Hence email listing is the best option to grow your blog and increase blog traffics. 

Blog Traffic
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Communication Is The Key To Success.

If you list someone’s article or things that need to be mentioned or contact another person, then do it. Because they have the opportunity to plag your blog, it will be a total waste. To avoid those situations, find their mail id and talk to them. 

There are always good and bad sides to everything, and a person may post the link on social media, and you get more blog traffic. With the help of communication, blog traffic can be increased. 

External Links To Improve The Content

Posting external links helps increase the performance of the search engines. Providing other blogger links can improve the blog traffic significantly.

Blog Traffic
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Building Links For Easy Transfer Of Blog

With the help of external links, it is easy to increase the google ranking factor. Because the audience can share the blog with just a link, it is convenient to use. Much software like google docs provides this facility to create links to their blogs, which helps to increase blog traffic. 

Promoting On Community

Various communities can be made on social media. These facilities are available on Facebook, slack, and discord. Those community helps to share any information easily, and hence it helps increase blog traffic. 

Use Of Graphics For More Engagement 

Graphics include pictures, gifs, and videos. Including these graphics makes the blog more engaging, and hence it helps to increase the blog traffic. Scientists have also found that the human brain’s visual aspects are much stronger than text. Hence the need for graphics is required for more blog traffic. 

Blog Traffic
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Refurnishing The Previous Blog

Editing the previous blog helps increase the number of audiences as the blog is that field in which all things are read. By editing the blog, it can also generate traffic and more traffic when compared to the first time. By increasing the blog traffic, the audience is worth it as we improve our mistakes; hence, we are getting subscribed and becoming the permanent customer. Increasing the permanent customers can fetch income. 


In this article, we have provided various ways that help to increase blog traffic. Some tips require personal editing, and some require communication that helps make the blog more engaging. By taking the help of other bloggers, you can increase blog traffic and generate a high-value income. 

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