Useful 4 Facebook Remarketing Strategies That Will Help You Improve Your Conversions

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook provides numerous opportunities to reach prospects in novel and cost-effective methods, not the least of which is retargeting! The amazing thing about Facebook remarketing is how versatile it is. Even if people don’t see Facebook as their personas’ primary watering hole, almost any firm can find a way to re-engage them through remarketing.

There are numerous excellent methods for narrowing focus, and the inventory is frequently inexpensive. Not to mention, Facebook’s bidding algorithms are arguably on par with some of the best in the PPC world. So, even if you don’t use Facebook for prospecting campaigns, remarketing is likely to provide you with some easy-to-achieve opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you may use Facebook to reach out to your target demographic.

Facebook Remarketing
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What Is Facebook Remarketing?

Before we get started, let’s define remarketing and why it’s crucial. Remarketing displays your personalized adverts to users who have previously interacted with your brand online.

When a user visits your website, landing page, or social media page, a cookie or pixel is placed in their browser, allowing your adverts to “follow” them to other digital spaces with content based on the information in your cookie.

Remarketing is an established strategy for attracting clients who have left your sales funnel to return and convert. Because of the specificity of the available targeting and tracking data, Facebook remarketing is highly effective.

Facebook Remarketing
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How Do Facebook Remarketing Work?

Now that we’ve established what remarketing is, let’s see what is Facebook remarketing. Facebook retargeting is a PPC approach in which your advertisements are shown to people who are already familiar with your brand. They’ve either visited your website or connected with your Facebook or Instagram page in the past. Simply said, retargeting displays your adverts to those who are already familiar with you. Remarketing on Facebook occurs in the following ways:

  • An individual visits your website and takes some sort of action.
  • They are automatically placed in a suitable audience segment based on the activity they did using tracking cookies.
  • Soon after, the advertising you’ve generated will begin to be shown to this person on the platforms and channels with which you’ve partnered.

You can use Facebook retargeting by focusing on certain people who completed specific activities to:

  • Reiterate your message to users who have visited specified pages.
  • Show targeted ads to bouncing visitors.
  • Previous customers can be upsold and cross-sold new items.
  • Inspire visitors to learn more or make a buy.
Facebook Remarketing
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How To Do Remarketing On Facebook

In order to start your remarketing campaign, just follow these steps:

  • Log in to Facebook Ads Manager and choose Audiences: When you click on Business Manager at the upper left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see Audiences in the dropdown menu.
  • Click Create Audience and then choose Custom Audiences: Create Audience can be found again at the top left of your screen. Choose Custom Audience for retargeting, which will allow you to create a campaign that reaches people who have visited a website.
  • Select Website Traffic: You have a few options here, but for retargeting, you can stick to website traffic so that you can reach the people who came to your site.
  • Choose your target demographic from the dropdown menu: You’ll be brought to a screen where you may choose your audience. You can choose to target Anyone who visits your website, People who visit specified pages, People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time, or Custom.
  • To begin retargeting, obtain your pixel code and post it on your website.
Facebook Remarketing
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Remarketing Strategies To Improve Conversion Rates

  1. Make Certain That Your Ads Are Relevant To The Audience: The most effective strategy to reach your targeted audience is to improve your targeting as much as possible. The user interface of Facebook’s remarketing system emphasises demographic data, which is the most reliable and comprehensive information accessible. 

However, demographic information alone will not place you in front of your target audience. Your Facebook audience, like any other, has diverse interests and expectations. You’ll need a strategy that covers all of these objectives and provides solutions.

  1. Identify Those Who Are Most Likely To Purchase: Facebook’s Custom Audience settings let you to drill down even further to reach those who have shown a stronger interest in your business. You can target your high-ROI blog audience by making precise changes such as:
    1. Visitors who have read more than one blog post can be targeted.
    2. Visitors who saw a blog article and a landing page to be targeted.
    3. Visitors that saw a post and your Pricing page should be targeted.
  2. Make use of Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences: You’ve learnt how to build a Custom Audience from existing information or monitoring data from your website or mobile app. When you want to contact people who are similar to you, you can establish a lookalike audience.

Facebook produces lookalike audiences by identifying individuals who have characteristics with your target demographic. These filters can be “layered” on top of your Custom Audience settings to locate leads who match your criteria.

  1. Everything Depends on Timing: One of the advantages of Facebook remarketing is that it keeps your product and brand in the minds of potential leads. To be effective, your campaign must strike a balance between “too soon” and “what is this again?” Your campaign’s timing is flexible and should be determined by your customers.

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