Repurposing Your Content With Ease: Get 5 Hacks Here

Content Repurposing

It’s lovely to think that if we just duck our heads down and produce the absolute best Content Repurposing we can possibly create, that our content will fly around the web on magic wings and find an audience. It’s lovely to think that, but it doesn’t work. The web is social. Always has been, always will be. It’s people who share content, people who talk up the best businesses, people who create the businesses worth talking about (customers, second customers and brand advocates). All these require great content and great content has to be updated and repurposed frequently in order to keep the customers hooked. You don’t need to create content daily, repurposing alone will be more than enough for your content to fly around the web. Repurposing is the practice of recycling your existing content in order to increase its reach. Repurposing will give your content a new life. 

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Why is it important to Content Repurposing and update your content? 

Crawlers inclines toward newly refreshed content. It doesn’t imply that you need to alter your pages constantly. Unlike business pages, blog entries are time sensitive and need to be updated. It is savvy to incorporate a workable methodology to refresh particular kinds of content once like clockwork or thereabouts.

Here are the 5 hacks that will help you recycle your content:

  1. Create Podcasts

Podcast is an innovative content material marketing and is recognised to generate a lot of consumer activity on a number of platforms, consisting of social media platforms as well. This stage can be used to repurpose your content. The variety of engagement that a podcast brings is exceedingly terrific for a brand. Convert your blog or content into an audio or video file with some sort of additional information. Reports suggest that a large population prefer and enjoy listening to podcasts. Don’t miss out on this one. 

Content Repurposing
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  1. Create Video Out Of Your Blog

Embedding videos in your weblog can extend the time spent by the site visitors on your website. Create a video sharing and discussing information from your lookup file and post it on your YouTube channel. Having a presence on YouTube is a cherry on the cake and will help you attract more and more traffic. You can also leverage these videos by sharing on your social media profiles and email newsletter. 

  1. Re-Visualize Your Content

Change the visualisation of your blog content by changing font size, graphics, colours etc. You can re-order the content by adding additional information. You can add new relevant images. Changing graphics and adding some slides, quizzes, images, videos, or columns will change the outlook of the content. Create engaging images and videos relevant to your content and add them to your blog. 

Content Repurposing
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  1. Turn Your Blog Into A Social Media Post

This is perhaps the best and most used way of repurposing your existing content nowadays. Create a twitter thread from your blog post and post it on twitter. You can also create a post for LinkedIn by spinning the words and adding some more context. You can also do the same for an instagram by creating some attractive images relevant to your blog and posting it on Instagram along with a suitable catchy caption. 

  1. Convert Your Content Into Slideshow

It is one of the most creative ways to engage and attract traffic. Create slides highlighting key findings from your content. Also, put some images and videos in your slideshow. You can also add FAQs and riddles in the slideshow. Post this slideshow on SlideShare and other relevant platforms. 

Content Repurposing
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Repurposing your content is an important step to increase your rankings on the search engine and to keep your viewers hooked. So, next time you repurpose your content, don’t forget to follow the above mentioned hacks. 

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