5 Reasons Why Your Content Not Ranking

Content Not Ranking

Content means something that is contained. And content is always surprising. Like sometimes, content can hit the goal, or it can go as a flop. There are various reasons that the content gets flopped. It does not mean that you should stop trying. Trying defines that you are getting closer to success, and hence once you hit the apex, that is the time that you know the trick to how to make your content successful. 

Why is my content not ranking? To answer this, we have provided 5 common mistakes that the professional content creator even makes; hence, the content not ranking and flop in no time. Sometimes social media can be rude to you, but it is the time that you hammer your content to its perfection. And if your content is not shared, it does not mean it is bad. It is defined as a bad marketing strategy. 

Content Not Ranking
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5 reasons for which your content not ranking.

  • Bad title

The major reason why your content not ranking is because of the bad title. A title is part of the content that needs to be catchy; hence, it is very difficult for most content creators to create such a catchy title all the time. 

Half of the voters voted that the title was inappropriate in a study. The title is the art that allows you to gain most of the readers and make them permanent readers altogether. 

To get ranked among the rest of the content creators, the title is the first step to improving yourself to reduce your content from the flop. 

Content Not Ranking
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  • Less word limit

Another reason content not ranking is that the word is not up to the mark as required by the target audience. Before writing content, first of all, know your audience. This helps to write a picture-perfect blog which helps to provide best-in-class content to the readers. 

This has two definitions of the point termed ‘Less word limit. And both the definitions are correct. Firstly, the word limit of the content is not up to the mark means the data is not sufficient to provide a proper declaration about the content you are providing. And secondly, if the content is too big, the reader just bookmarks it and may never read it in the future. 

To resolve this issue, using an appropriate work limit is the key for the content to reach the maximum audience at ease, delivering proper data to the readers. 

Content Not Ranking
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  • No pictures or videos or gif

Content is not only about sharing data with the readers, but it needs to have some graphics. That is the reason that the content is not ranked. The content needs to be engaging and can be done only by inserting graphics. With the help of graphics, it attracts new readers, and hence it helps in marketing without spending a penny. Graphics helps to post it on social media for marketing. 

According to Eric Enge at Stone Temple, the image can double the responses of the larger brand, and for smaller brands, it helps to retweet the content from 5 to 9 times and 4 to 12 times favorites increase significantly. 

  • Anonymous matter

Content is not ranked because many readers do not know it. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) words is the key ingredient for any content. To list any content on the search result, keywords are very important because SERP features help to list the result of the website, whether it is a traditional search or voice search. 

To resolve those issues, many websites help to find the keywords so that google shows them their results. Many courses help to know about SEO; hence, content creators should learn SEO after publishing any write-up on the internet. 

Content Not Ranking
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  • Expert content

Content with any length or full of graphics unless it is bad. The structural format is required for any content. If it is not provided, then the content is not ranked. To Get ranked structural format is the key feature, as it helps provide proper information to the user/readers, and hence use of proper graphics will make the content more desirable for most readers. 

Various ways will help you to get content ranked with the help of structural format. Many courses help in learning the format of the content. Different videos and people support can make your content a top-notch one. 


Getting content ranked is one of the struggles which everyone suffers at first. Finding readers of our genre is difficult, but once you crack the way, it becomes easy to achieve it again. For this, we have provided 5 reasons that help the content creator find the mistake, get the content ranking, and answer questions like how to revamp my content, etc. With the help of this article, we know the mistakes made, and we have also provided easy tricks to overcome those issues. 

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