How To You Revamp Old Content To Rank Them? Get The Complete Guide Here.

Revamp Old Content

Google algorithm prefers freshly updated content. Revamp Old Content Crawlers love a website that frequently updates its content. If you are not updating your old content and blogs, then you are missing out on this simplest and most effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique. Yes, not many people know that updating your existing content is a secret optimization weapon for higher search engine rankings and increased website traffic. Creating new and fresh content is time consuming and you need to post frequently for good rankings and traffic. So till the time you create fresh content, you can recycle your existing content to keep the visitors revisit your site. It also increases your CTR (Click Through Rate) and improves the ranking of your site.  Moreover, frequently updating your content and site will give your website the benefit of getting indexed more often by Google and other search engines. Revamping your old content material allows you to re-sell it through promotion on various online and social media platforms and thus, leads to more traffic and online shares by the potential leads. Recycling your stale content is the best way to optimise and provide freshness to your site. 

Revamp Old Content

Here’s the complete guide to help you in Revamp Old Content: 

  • Identification of post you want to update

Collect the data, analyse and find out the blogs and posts you want to recycle and optimise. You can take the help of google analytics. While identifying, take into consideration the bounce rate, social shares of the post, search engine rankings, newsletter subscriptions, average time spent by the visitor and other relevant data. All these will help you decide the content on which you want to work on to give it a new life. 

  • Perform the keyword research again! 

People search thousands of queries everyday.  A keyword that was popular two week ago might not be ranking today. That’s why you have to update your keywords as well while updating your old content. Look for the keywords that are receiving the high search volumes today and include them in your posts. Use LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords. Use the new keyword in your meta tag, headline, URL, meta description and alt tags. Keywords play a very important role in optimization of your website so don’t compromise on them. Also, never try to do keyword stuffing as it is an unethical practice and may lower your rankings. 

Revamp Old Content
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  • Update your headlines

75% of the people read your headline and the rest will read your content. Hence, updating your headlines is important while content revamping. Try to optimise your headline by including the new updated keyword in it. Your headline should be such that it increases the curiosity of the audience so that they read the posts and bounce rate can be decreased. This will help in improving your rankings. 

  • Improve and update visuals

This is the most common mistake people commit. Many of you ignore the significance of visuals of your content. Remember, “how a post looks” matters for the audience. Your website is your online workplace and its visuals are the interior of your workplace. You have to keep it up to the  mark. Try to update the old images in your content with new, fresh images. Change the font, background, size of your content. Add some new and trending GIFs, memes, images, or videos.

Revamp Old Content
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  • Add some more qualitative information and update FAQs

Update your content by adding more information relevant to the content. Also, update the FAQs (frequently asked questions) as people’s queries tend to change over time. Provide as much valuable information as you can and help the audience through your FAQs and posts. 

  • Pay attention to the comment section! 

There might be many comments on your old posts to which you still haven’t replied. Go through those comments. Reply to them. Delete the spam ones. Provide them with the valuable information in your replies and thank them for their valuable feedback. Be nice to the audience! It will help in building the relationship between you and your audience and they will feel your presence through your replies. 

  • Re-promote your recycled post

Audience will not get the dream that you have updated your content. You have to reach out to them. Promote your updated posts again. Share the links on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. Create an attractive post about your updated content and share it on social media with a catchy and relevant caption. Enhance your reach so that visitors find their way to your website and your updated posts. 

Revamp Old Content
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There are numerous benefits of updating your old content. You just need to take the step now. One thing you should remember is that do not update or touch the URL. You are not creating a new post or page, you are updating your old post. Don’t try to change anything in the URL. Also, don’t forget to follow our tips while updating your content. 

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